Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Jomtien Beach | Everything you Need to Know about Jomtien Beach

Not quite informative but a reasonable representation of the beach.

Further south when the tide is in, is much more reflective of the Jomtien Beach we're familiar with.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

News Steaks & Grill - Pattaya Jomtien

News News News: News Steak & Grill

Where the hell is the best steak in town?

It's top secret news.

Architecturally News Steaks & Grill is perpendicular to the expected angle which means it's in a sort of cul de sac off Theppraya Road but appears to be facing the main road too.

Not only was it the best steak I've had in Pattaya, the tale of News Steaks & Grill's transformation from unloved business to best steak in town is worth asking the owner Jack about.

Attention to detail, conviviality, good conversation make a fine meal.

These are just a few words about Jack, a lovely business, top notch restaurant, and good energy place to eat a relaxing steak while enjoying your girlfriend nibble at the Thai. 

It's so good there's no need to tell every Somchai, Tom and Harry how to find it. They'll tweet the game away.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Top Jomtien Breakfasts - Mövenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya Na-Jomtien

Everybody knows the Swiss are famous for their Muesli right?

Well there's a lot more than just tasty Muesli at the new Mövenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya situated on the beach side of Sukhumvit Road heading South at 55 Moo 2 Na Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi, Pattaya or a hundred metres or so after Mimosa Pattaya. The building is metallic and highly distinctive so it's a little hard to miss.

It's a brand new hotel so they're still finishing some of the residences and pool villas that are part of the Movenpick Siam's offering but the hotel and restaurants are already operating in typical Swiss fashion of precision, quality and presentation.

I arrived early around 7.50 am to the all day and evening restaurant Twist which is on the ground floor. It was quiet and the breakfast buffet spread was immaculately laid out so I sat down somewhere comfortable and was introduced to menu recommendations by the friendly and welcoming staff.

A charming waiter recommended I commence with the homemade Yoghurts, and so I sauntered over to the chill cabinet to take a look.

I decided to try two as I assumed they would be light and healthy. I chose the homemade Chia and Swiss Blueberry though there were many more options. My next course I aimed to sample the freshly baked bread and salamis, cheese and salmon although the bread offering is equally enjoyed with the homemade peanut butter, homemade jam and even homemade Nutella. These hand made artisanal offerings by Mövenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya are a sheer delight for the epicurious to enjoy tasting.

My palate suitably aroused I ventured to the omelet station and created a classic English breakfast of baked beans, sausages, potatoes, mixed stuffing omelet and rashers of bacon. The sausages were possibly the tastiest I've tried in Pattaya and Jomtien. The meat had a freshly ground taste and a engaging complex flavour with wonderful texture. If you consider yourself a cooked breakfast aficionado I urge you to check out Mövenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya's breakfast sausages. They are tip top tasty and I noticed the bacon was also available in both crispy and soft for the discerning enthusiast. 

In the background next to the fork is a small Cilantro Detox Shot which was kindly offered as a free bonus during the main course. That made me feel good about myself while tucking into a hearty breakfast of champions.

Each of the buffet stations is laid out elegantly with use of wood, granite and slate textures that really enhance the presentation of the food.

Naturally there's an Asian offering catering to more local customers.

These home made and bite sized bakery offerings were a lovely sweet climax at the end of the breakfast. I was able to taste all of them without feeling to much like a glutton.

After an extraordinary and memorable breakfast that left me floating on flavours, relaxed surroundings, appetising aromas and kindly service I took a stroll around the grounds towards the beach to take in the hotel grounds including the patio breakfast area below.

As a Swiss brand Mövenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya have a strong connection to nature and this is being nurtured in real life through the gardens and hotel grounds.

This would make a great place for a wedding or banquet style party.

I had wonderful breakfast and introduction to the Mövenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya. The Food & Beverage Director Mr Adel Mojarrad took the time out to tell me of the exciting plans of the hotel and how they approach their selection of ingredients, preparation, cooking and passion for providing the best food Mövenpick Siam can. I have to agree and look forward to trying out their Tapas at La Costa Poolside dining restaurant and the T55 New York Grill Room.

The Price of the Breakfast Buffet is 800++
Phone: 033 078 888

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Laong's Bistro & Boutique

If you're looking for a terrific place to eat, we can recommend no better destination than Laong's Bistro & Boutique on Second Road. More information over here.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Venture Bikes - Jomtien Beach

Venture Bikes is situated on Chaiyapruek 1 Road close to Jomtien Beach Road on the left hand side as you head down Chaiyapruek 1 towards the beach or on the right hand side as you head towards Sukhumvit Road.

The Venture Bike guys are real pros when it comes to bike sales, hire and repairs, with two full time mechanics in addition to the owners, husband and wife team Khun Suwipha and Ben from England who are both lovely.

The shop has a range of on and off-road bikes for rental with prices starting at 50 Baht a day through to 200 Baht a day depending on model and length of hire. This is easily the most civilised way to enjoy Jomtien for visitors. It gives the people who hire bicycles a real feel for the area and a sense of satisfaction at having taken a look around by their own steam. It's just not the same as exploring in a car, by motorbike or on a coach.

Rental Prices

I've never had to purchase or rent a bicycle at Venture Bikes yet, though there are strong reviews on TripAdvisor. My own experiences as a bike enthusiast are quick and inexpensive repairs for silly things like a puncture or a loose pedal. A recent report from a friend who collapsed his front pedal cog and required a new one fitted was very positive and in line with my own customer experience. Quick, friendly and professional.

Naturally there are a range of bikes for sale with selection of models chosen for balance of precision engineering and value for money. There's an online section of the website dealing with sales if you wish to take a look before visiting.

Top Jomtien Destinations - Choke-D Bar & Restaurant

Choke-D Bar Restaurant Sports Club is probably the best destination bar and restaurant on South Jomtien Beach or Naa Jomtien as it is sometimes slightly erroneously called. Situated next door to the 7-Eleven closest to the mouth of Soi 16, Choke D is famous as a Windsurfing and Kitesurfing club during the day with both local and international travellers, but during the evening is a more traditional bar and restaurant with some of the best music playing later in the night as Alek the owner is among other renaissance man skills, a talented DJ too. 

There are more esoteric sports such as horse jumping and cycling playing silently on the two screens in the bar area, though a new wooden, extended platform deck now extends down to the path and provides some of the most relaxing and reinvigorating dining experiences with fresh air, and waves literally lapping the shore from only yards away.

Choke-D has both open air and sheltered seating in the bar and restaurant. The food served is a combination of Thai recipes and international food such as burgers and fries. The business opens at 2pm each day and is invariably open till 2am or till the last customer returns home.

Kite Surfing Equipment

Choke-D is one of those places that is just as fine to take a book and read in a relaxing atmosphere or from time to time turns into the best impromptu party atmosphere later on in the nights and into the early hours of the morning.