Sunday, 21 September 2014

Jomtien Beach Sunsets

The range of sunsets visible from Jomtien Beach is quite extraordinary. We may not have the cleanest beach in the world 365 days a year, or the tidiest visitors on Thai Public Holidays but the sunsets are spectacular and a privilege to witness. 

It's like living in an oil painting after 6pm for about 30 to 45 minutes. Nobody charges me for it either. 

Some of these photographs belong to Scott Innes and they can be purchased here.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Looking For A Jomtien Office or Jomtien Condo With A Jomtien Beach View

We're looking for a Jomtien Beach property to rent for 12 months. Over the weekend we went to see a Chaiyapruk property that is actually on Chaiyapruek 2 so a little too far back from the sea for what we want but we took the photos above because we liked it so much.

If you have any decent properties to view, our budget is up to 50000 Baht a month but we've seen some great properties closer to 10000 in The Village Shopping Centre (see below) on the Intersection of Chaiyapruk and Sukhumvit Road

Again, there's no sea view but we're open to brilliant ideas and a range of properties. That sea view though is kind of important as is a pool and a fitness room. We liked the gardens and two office spaces at The Village below.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Jomtien Beach Rainbows


This is the first rainbow we've seen from Jomtien and it was quite spectacular in real life. It was possibly the largest rainbow we can recall ever seeing, but either way it stretched over Koh Lam (or Koh Larn) island and stayed for about 20 minutes for the time we observed it. 

How long it was there before we saw it is hard to say but it was broad and deeply coloured. It felt like a new day, and today in our Facebook streams we came across this about rainbows.