Saturday, 5 March 2016

Top Jomtien Destinations - Choke-D Bar & Restaurant

Choke-D Bar Restaurant Sports Club is probably the best destination bar and restaurant on South Jomtien Beach or Naa Jomtien as it is sometimes slightly erroneously called. Situated next door to the 7-Eleven closest to the mouth of Soi 16, Choke D is famous as a Windsurfing and Kitesurfing club during the day with both local and international travellers, but during the evening is a more traditional bar and restaurant with some of the best music playing later in the night as Alek the owner is among other renaissance man skills, a talented DJ too. 

There are more esoteric sports such as horse jumping and cycling playing silently on the two screens in the bar area, though a new wooden, extended platform deck now extends down to the path and provides some of the most relaxing and reinvigorating dining experiences with fresh air, and waves literally lapping the shore from only yards away.

Choke-D has both open air and sheltered seating in the bar and restaurant. The food served is a combination of Thai recipes and international food such as burgers and fries. The business opens at 2pm each day and is invariably open till 2am or till the last customer returns home.

Kite Surfing Equipment

Choke-D is one of those places that is just as fine to take a book and read in a relaxing atmosphere or from time to time turns into the best impromptu party atmosphere later on in the nights and into the early hours of the morning.

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