Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Vintage Pattaya - 1971

What a wonderful slice of vintage Pattaya life from 1971. It's a real treat when these rare video uploads give us glimpse into the beauty of the past. 

Pattaya and particularly Jomtien are still fabulous places to live or visit, but it's so easy to see what a jewel it was in the past when US military men started to gather here because of the proximity of the Vietnam war and U-Tapao Air field.

We particularly like the para-sailing scene and the traditional beach huts. 

If you know exactly where there were taken can you leave a comment or let us know?


  1. The hotel is The Nipa Lodge. Stayed there several time at the age of 10-12. Cobras picked out of the pool and played with the monkeys. Overdriven by a Parasailing-towboat at Pattaya in 1971, when I was 12 years old. I came out between the propellers of two 115 hp Mercury outboards. No damage! So, been there, done that :-D

    1. Lovely bit of feedback from you Jon. We appreciate it and that you are still alive and well. If you have any photos that you can scan or post and send me that would be brilliant for this blog. Thank you.


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